Bayern vs PSG live stream: Watch the game for free

The Champions League is in action today with Bayern taking on PSG, and you may be wondering the best way to watch the game. This is one that’s only available online in the United States, and since there isn’t a national TV broadcast, many of the best live TV streaming services won’t be able to provide the live stream. But the live stream is available on Paramount Plus, and it’s a streaming service worthy of subscribing to if you’re a sports lover. Paramount Plus even offers a way to watch the Bayern vs PSG live stream for free.

Watch the Bayern vs PSG live stream on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus logo.
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Paramount Plus is the only place you can watch the Bayern vs PSG game today. This service may be known for its original programming like Yellowstone, but Paramount Plus is a good streaming platform to subscribe to if you want to watch even more soccer. It’s owned by CBS, so it often provides online coverage of sporting events CBS covers, and this includes events from the NFL, NCAA basketball, and even the PGA Tour. But soccer fans more specifically will love the coverage Paramount Plus offers, including full match replays, match highlights, and expert analysis. It costs just $5 per month or $50 per year, and if you’re a new subscriber you can even take advantage of a seven day free trial, which will get you access to the Bayern vs PSG live stream for free.

Watch the Bayern vs PSG live stream from abroad with a VPN

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If you’re trying to watch the Bayern vs PSG game while traveling, you may run into some issues. Geographic restrictions are often in place for live sporting events, which can disrupt your ability to watch the game online. The best workaround for this is a virtual private network, which will allow you to access your favorite streaming services from anywhere in the world just as you would from within your own home. NordVPN is our favorite VPN option, and one of the best VPN services available. A NordVPN subscription is relatively inexpensive, and deals are almost always taking place. You can even tap into the VPN service for an entire month at no cost with a NordVPN free trial.

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