Buy a new TV at Best Buy and stream sports for free

World Series on FuboTV.

Typically, when you buy a brand new TV, unbox it, and set it all up, you’d have to subscribe to any one of many streaming services to begin watching content. Even some of the best TV deals don’t come bundled with streaming access. A majority of those services don’t offer live TV either, at least not without an added cost, and standard cable just isn’t the same as it used to be these days. If you’d prefer to access live content, right when you unwrap your shiny new TV, Best Buy has the perfect deal for you.

With select eligible products, when you buy a new TV through Best Buy, you’ll enjoy up to 30 days free of FuboTV Pro access. Don’t know what FuboTV is? No problem, we’ll break it down. It’s an excellent streaming service, not unlike Netflix or Hulu, except it provides access to a bevy of live cable-like channels. You can watch live sports, live shows, news broadcasts, and much much more. Since a month of FuboTV costs $70, you’re saving exactly that much with this offer, not including any deals you get on a TV. Don’t sleep on it, especially if you’re already thinking about getting a new TV. Grab that deal below or keep reading to learn more about the offer and the eligible TV sets.

Why You Should Buy a TV and Get the FuboTV Pro Free 30 Days Offer

One thing to note right up front about this deal is that there’s no single or exclusive product involved with the offer. In fact, Best Buy has a long list of eligible TVs from brands like Insignia, Westinghouse, Samsung, Hisense, Toshiba, TCL, and more. You can always browse the full list of eligible products at . There are a variety of sizes to choose from too, starting with 32 inches up to 60 inches or more. Many of the TV sets are on sale at an added discount, saving you even more on top of the FuboTV Pro offer.

Back to FuboTV Pro, it’s a streaming service, much like you’re used to with Netflix or Hulu. The major difference is that the content is available as live broadcasts, like cable TV. Most of the channels are actually cable TV channels. But because it’s an online streaming service, you can watch from virtually any device, including smart TVs, streaming media players, mobile devices, computers, and beyond. You can stream at home or on the go, and you never have to miss content if you can’t be there during the live broadcast — 1,000 hours of cloud DVR access are included in your subscription. With it, you can record shows to watch later when you have a free moment.

When it comes to watching live sports, like March Madness, we always recommend FuboTV for several reasons. The most pertinent is the FuboTV free trial available for new customers, which is not the same as this Pro offer, and its excellent selection of live cable channels which you can watch anywhere, anytime.

To recap, when you buy eligible TVs at Best Buy, you’ll get 30 days of FuboTV Pro access for free — a $70 value. Many of the TVs are on sale, as well, so you can save even more money with this offer on top of the cost of the free subscription. It won’t be available forever, so if you’re interested take advantage now, while you can.

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