Can you use PSVR2 on PC?

There are now a decent number of VR headsets on the market, and the newest headset on the block, the PlayStation VR2, is one of the most powerful in terms of technology. This upgrade from the original PSVR makes many improvements over the original design, including trimming down the necessary cables to a single USB-C. Being the only headset on the market made by a console maker, many PC gamers may be wondering if the PSVR2 would be a worthy investment if they could also use it on their PCs.

If you’re mainly a PC gamer, or have yet to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, and are interested in the PSVR2, here’s whether or not it will work on other hardware.

Does PS VR2 work on PC?

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The short and not-so-sweet answer is no. The PSVR2 is not made to work on any PCs, and only connects to your PS5 to run. The PSVR2 uses the power of the PS5 to run, with no internal power like the Meta Quest 2, meaning it is reliant on the console to function. The switch from proprietary cables and boxes that tied the PSVR to the PS4 to a USB-C cable gave some hope that the next-generation headset might allow for PC connectivity, however, this was not to be. While it is possible that Sony may eventually update the headset, or create a PC-specific platform on which to allow you to play PSVR2 on your PC, this is very unlikely. For now, unless you have a PS5, the PSVR2 won’t be of any use to you.

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