ChatGPT is down right now, and OpenAI is aware

ChatGPT is offline right now, according to OpenAI who confirmed there was an outage at 7 a.m. PT this morning. If you try to access the chatbot, you’ll be met with a timeout error, which goes beyond the typical “at capacity” message users see when OpenAI’s servers are overloaded.

Since the outage began, OpenAI says that traffic for ChatGPT is starting to improve “after initial fixes have been implemented.” There’s currently no window for when OpenAI plans to resolve the issue.

ChatGPT error message that its servers are offline.

The outage only affects ChatGPT itself. OpenAI’s API and other research websites are still available, which should mean ChatGPT alternatives and Microsoft’s Bing Chat are still available.

This is the second major outage ChatGPT has seen in the last 90 days. The service experienced another outage on February 21, which brought down the chatbot for four and a half hours. You can keep an eye on OpenAI’s status page to see when the service becomes available again, as well as subscribe for updates.

This is a breaking story, and we’ll update it as more information becomes available. 

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