Designed to rival AirPods, Sony’s Linkbuds S earbuds are $50 off

Hand holding Sony LinkBuds S in their case.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Headphone deals are often heavy with AirPods but you shouldn’t overlook the Sony Linkbuds S. With some smart features that provide you with great sound quality, they’re well worth considering. That’s even more the case when you can buy them for $148 from Crutchfield, thereby saving $50 off the regular price of $198. Interested? Read on while we tell you all about them.

Why you should buy the Sony Linkbuds S

Sony is well known for making some of the best wireless earbuds and best headphones around, which is a great starting point for any purchase. In the case of the Sony Linkbuds S, you get some very stylish earbuds that offer a few unique features compared to the rest. These earbuds are designed to wear for long periods of time thanks to being very lightweight and small to fit into your ears.

Even better, they’re smart enough to learn your preferences and where you walk regularly, so they adjust the amount of noise cancelation or ambient sound you need to allow in. That’s thanks to them offering the same processor as the Sony WF-1000XM4 that we so adored when they were launched back in 2021. They’re not quite as effective at noise canceling as them, but they’re much cheaper. You can customize the level of noise cancelation you require so you always get the right amount of sound for your needs. At all times, you’re only a single tap away from noise canceling or ambient sound mode. It also has a built-in mic system that picks up external sounds and voices while your music plays, before allowing you to temporarily turn off the music to take something else in.

Besides the excellent adaptive sound controls, there’s similarly great sound quality. With plenty of ways to adjust the equalizer, you’ll always feel in control here with some strong sounds for earbuds. There’s also voice assistant support with Alexa and Google Assistant working via your smartphone as needed. With up to six hours of listening time and an extra 14 hours coming back from the charging case, you’re good to go for a while to come.

Ordinarily priced at $198, the Sony Linkbuds S are currently down to $148 at Crutchfield. A saving of $50 makes these far more affordable and gives you a great chance to snap up excellent noise-canceling earphones for less. Buy them now before you miss out.

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