Diablo 4 beta rewards: how to earn all titles and cosmetics

Diablo 4‘s beta is an opportunity for fans of the loot-heavy role-playing game to sink some time into its dark and demonic world before the game launches on June 6. Though you can invest a good bit of time into seeing everything Blizzard has included in the beta, you won’t be able to carry the progress you make into the full game, meaning everything you do is just for testing purposes – well, almost everything. By completing a few milestones during the beta, you can earn some neat rewards to use in the full release later this year. Here’s how to get them all.

All Diablo 4 beta rewards and how to get them

Diablo 4 Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item.

There are three rewards you can obtain during Diablo 4‘s beta, including two titles and a unique (and extremely cute) cosmetic – all of which assumedly won’t ever be earnable by any other means in the retail game. In other words, if you want anything Blizzard is offering during the beta period, you’ll need to devote the time to get them now or risk never having another opportunity.

  • Initial Casualty Title: Rewarded for having one character reach Kyovashad early in the main story.
  • Early Voyager Title: Rewarded for having one character reach level 20.
  • Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item: Rewarded for having one character reach level 20.

Those who preordered Diablo 4 have early access to the beta from 9 a.m. PT on March 17 to 12 p.m. PT on March 20. The beta will go live to everyone else from 9 a.m. PT on March 24 to 12 p.m. PT on March 27.

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