Don’t update your Galaxy Watch 4, or you may accidentally kill it

Updating your electronic devices to keep them running at an optimal level is important, but if you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, you might want to hold off on the latest firmware update. We’re specifically referring to the update bearing the number R89xXXU1GVI3, which users have reported is killing their smartwatches.

According to a report from SamMobile, users have taken to online forums and complained that both models of the Galaxy Watch 4 will not reboot at all after shutting down upon installing the R89xXXU1GVI3 update. In other words, the update wouldn’t allow the watches to restart, effectively rendering them useless.

Galaxy Watch 4 screen from the front.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Reddit user SilverHawk0 wrote in the Galaxy Watch subreddit on November 2 that their Galaxy Watch 4 wouldn’t turn back on after shutting it down and attempting to restart it to rectify the bugs affecting the Google Maps and activity tracker apps. Some of the replies chalked it up to the new firmware update, the real name of which is GVI3.

A user in the Samsung forums posted a screenshot of the company’s statement in a reply to the original post addressing the issue. It reads: “We are aware that a limited number of Galaxy Watch 4 series models are not turning on following a recent software (VI3) update. We have halted the update and will release a new software shortly. We recommend consumers experiencing this issue with their Galaxy Watch 4 to visit their nearest Samsung service center or call a contact center.”

If you own a Galaxy Watch 4 and haven’t downloaded the GVI3 update yet, we highly recommend you wait until the next one arrives. However, if you downloaded the faulty firmware update, you’ll want to contact Samsung’s support team for troubleshooting guidance and next steps.

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