Get it while you can: Google Nest Hub is 50% off at Walmart

Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen lufestyle 5 of 5

It is that time of year when we start to think of cool gadgets and technological devices as potential gifts once again. The retail world has definitely shown us that they are aware of this by bringing out some really cool sales, including some Google Nest deals that you shouldn’t pass up. For example, Walmart has once again brought the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) to our attention by cutting its price down to just $50, that’s half off the typical $100. It’s an incredible deal that could end at any time, so make sure to act on it while it is still around.

Why you should buy the Google Nest Hub

Google’s Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is perfect for at least three different places in your home: your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. For your kitchen or living room, you’ll really enjoy the 7-inch (and fully HD) screen that works well with Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple iTunes. This device is especially useful when these rooms are cramped and the best TV’s are just too large to comfortably place in the room. Plus, when comparing the Google Nest Hub 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen, this version’s 1.7-inch tweeter speakers offer much-improved bass quality to improve overall sound quality. Finally, place it in your bedroom to take advantage of Google’s Sleep Sensing, which monitors your sleep. Now you can track your sleep patterns closely and know exactly why you are tired in the mornings.

Taking a further look at the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen), we can see a few more interesting things about it. For one, it doesn’t have a camera. While this might seem like an odd choice at first, it does more to alleviate a lot of fears that come with smart devices entering our homes. Over the years, we’ve let Google into our lives a little bit too much; they don’t need to see us accidentally burn dinner as well. What this lack of camera doesn’t do is, as a result of other sensors, disallow hand motion controls. Really, it is a secure best-of-both-worlds moment.

To enhance those small nooks, crannies, and tight working spaces, really do consider getting a Google Nest Hub for yourself or your family this fall. At Walmart, it is $50 for the time being, a full $50 off its typical price. Get it now before this deal ends!

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