How to order a PS5 today with delivery before Christmas

PS5 and DualSense art.
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While the Playstation 5 has become more available over the past few months, stock will likely decrease over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, especially as folks are taking advantage of Black Friday deals to grab stuff before Christmas. Luckily, if you’re a member of Best Buy’s TotalTech, you can grab a PS5 disc version in time for Christmas without worrying about retailers running out of stock. Best Buy will be restocking the PS5 at 9 AM PT, so you need to be ready and act fast before all the stock gets sold out.

You can grab a TotalTech subscription for $199 for a whole year, which is slightly expensive, but it gives you access to many perks, plus a PS5 for $500; that’s a pretty good deal. With a total cost to you of $700, that’s cheaper than you might find on the open market or with scalpers, so it’s worth it, especially if you’re a regular Best Buy customer and can take advantage of stuff like the Best Buy Black Friday deals and other special deals through TotalTech. If you aren’t familiar with Best Buy’s TotalTech, it’s a subscription service that nets you a bunch of benefits, including special access to deals that aren’t generally available, access to things such as Geek Squad support, extended product protection, and even free delivery and installation on a few items.

As for the PS5 bundle, you’ll get the PS5, a stand, and a PS5 controller. Sadly, no games are included in the bundle, so you might also want to look through these PS5 game deals for some games to pick up so that you have something to play. We’d also suggest looking through our list of the best PS5 exclusives if you want stuff you can only get on the PS5, or if you don’t care about exclusives as much, then we have a great list of the best PS5 games you grab for this year. While you’re at it, you may want to grab an extra PS5 controller for friends from one of these controller deals, and it includes some pre-owned options as well, so you don’t have to spend as much on something new.

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