Meta Quest Pro’s permanent $500 price cut is now in effect

A model poses with a Meta Quest Pro over a colorful background.

VR or virtual reality is where things are headed in the near future from gaming and entertainment to more practical use, and training in lifelike situations. It can also be a lot of fun to use and experience. Yet, most headsets are expensive, with only a handful of affordable options even among the best VR headsets. But some excellent news just came down the pipeline, Meta is reducing the prices of its Quest 2 and high-end Quest Pro VR headsets, permanently.

Chief among those price cuts is the $500 decrease for the Meta Quest Pro, bringing the full price down to $1,000, instead of its usual $1,500. Again, that’s saving you $500 right off the top, with no additional discounts. You can grab that deal right now, or keep reading to learn more about the Meta Quest Pro VR headset.

Why you should buy the Meta Quest Pro

In Digital Trends’ Meta Quest Pro review, Alan Truly came away impressed praising the headset for its quality contrast, comfortable design when worn, excellent controller tracking, and reliable multitasking performance. But he wasn’t the only one enamored, many Meta Quest Pro reviewers felt the same during early hands-on impressions. The takeaway is that it’s an excellent way to experience mixed reality, whether playing some VR games or watching some content in the metaverse.

If you’d like to know the difference between Meta’s VR headsets, be sure to check out the Meta Quest Pro vs. Quest 2 comparison, especially considering both have seen permanent price changes. To keep it short and sweet, the Quest Pro has a much higher quality headset, including internals, with a better display, better performance, and improved experiences all around. Bundled with the headset — at no extra charge — you get two Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, a charging dock, a power adapter, stylus tips, light blockers, and some additional accessories, like a cleaning cloth and wrist straps.

As for the headset, it’s equipped with 256GB of storage, 128GB of RAM for multitasking and performance, a multitude of advanced VR sensors, and QLED quantum dot technology for the displays. Once the headset is on your head and you’re “in” you’ll be immersed with high-quality audio and video to deliver a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience.

Thanks to the permanent price drop, the Meta Quest Pro VR headset is now $1,000, which is a savings of $500 off the regular $1,500 price tag. That’s a great deal, even more so when you consider what this headset comes with. Comparable options require you to purchase a lot of the extras and accessories separately, controllers included. Here, you get everything you need to jump right into the metaverse as soon as you unpack it all. What are you waiting for?

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