Mrs. Davis trailer pits an angry nun against an all-powerful AI

There’s no shortage of stories about artificial intelligence going rogue. The Terminator and Matrix franchises are both prime examples of that. However, a new Peacock original series, Mrs. Davis, is taking a different tack. In this show, the titular A.I. isn’t evil, but that doesn’t mean that Mrs. Davis should dictate the fate of the world. And the AI of Mrs. Davis is so powerful that it actually encourages its chief detractor, a young nun named Simone, to come after it.

Mrs. Davis | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Former GLOW star Betty Gilpin is headlining the series as Simone, and she seems to be surprised that Mrs. Davis wants her to find the Holy Grail. And Mrs. Davis simply won’t take no for answer. Somehow, we don’t expect this grail to be the cup of eternal life. But it does raise the question about what the grail might be in a modern world where technology is king.

Betty Gilpin in Mrs. Davis.

Fortunately for Simone, she won’t be alone on her quest. Her former boyfriend, Wiley (Jake McDorman), reappears in her life as an anti-AI zealot and the leader of his own movement against Mrs. Davis. Simone and Wiley don’t have much in common anymore, but they have a common purpose in this fight even if they don’t exactly see eye to eye.

Mrs. Davis also features veteran character actress Margo Martindale as Mother Superior for Simone’s order of nuns. The rest of the cast includes Andy McQueen, Ben Chaplin, David Arquette, Elizabeth Marvel, Chris Diamantopoulos, Ashley Romans, and Katja Herbers.

Damon Lindelof and Tara Hernandez co-created Mrs. Davis, which will premiere on Peacock on April 20.

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