One of Samsung’s best 85-inch QLED TVs is $1300 off right now

Samsung 2021 QN80A 4K QLED TV

Samsung frequently offers some of the best TV deals around and that’s certainly the case with the offer it has on the Samsung 85-inch Q80B QLED TV right now. Normally priced at $3,300, you can buy it today for $2,000. A saving of $1,300 is fantastic going. Even if this still isn’t exactly in impulse buy territory, it’s one of the best QLED TV deals around. If you’ve been holding out to treat yourself to a high-end and huge TV for less, you’re going to love this TV. We’re here to tell you why you need it in your life. Hit the buy button once you’re confident it’s for you.

Why you should buy the Samsung 85-inch Q80B QLED TV

As one of the best TV brands around, it’s clear that Samsung knows how to make many of the best TVs. The Samsung 85-inch Q80B QLED TV is pretty special. QLED is one of the best technologies for TV owners right now thanks to how it offers deep blacks, bright whites, and fantastic imagery at all times. The Samsung 85-inch Q80B QLED TV adds to all this through its use of Quantum HDR so you get truly immersive colors that provide you with fantastic detail at all times.

There’s also Direct Full Array so you get less light leakage at all times, while Samsung’s Quantum Processor effortlessly upscales everything to 4K even if the source material is only HD or below. The sound is great too thanks to Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound. You get rich 3D sound with the audio adjusting to follow the movement so you feel wrapped up in what you’re watching. A Real Depth Enhancer mirrors how the human eye processes depth, again adding to the immersion.

The Samsung 85-inch Q80B QLED TV is easily one of the best QLED TVs around, especially when you factor in the huge screen involved. Everything about it improves your viewing experience and thanks to smart calibration, you don’t even have to spend time tweaking the settings yourself. The TV knows how to give you the best quality.

Normally priced at $3,300, the Samsung 85-inch Q80B QLED TV is currently enjoying a $1,300 discount at Samsung. Bringing it down to $2,000 still makes it a premium price TV but if you’re keen to invest in a QLED TV experience that will last you a long time, you won’t regret this. Buy it now while the deal is still available. It won’t last forever.

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