PSG vs Nantes live stream: Watch the game for free

Later today soccer fans are going to get another treat, this time in the form of the Paris Saint-Germaine (PSG) vs Nantes game, which starts at 3 PM EST. Both diehard fans that must see every Ligue 1 match and casual fans that just want to see a bit of Messi are scratching their heads as to where they can watch the game if they don’t have access to cable. Luckily, we’ve been able to run through the list of probable online broadcasters to find who is streaming the event online. Even better, we’ve managed to track down a (legal) free PSG vs Nantes live stream that you can watch from anywhere — no strings attached.

Watch the PSG vs Nantes Live Stream on FuboTV

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One of the best ways to get access to Ligue 1 games and, by extension, the PSG vs Nantes match is via Fubo TV. Take advantage of the network’s one week free trial to catch PSG vs Nantes, then check out the other great sports available via the service. In addition to beIN Sports, Fubo TV has ESPN, NBA League Pass, and the NFL Network. What’s really great about Fubo TV, and what puts it ahead of a lot of competitors is the one week free trial that can get you access to the match you really want before deciding if you want to keep paying. Plans start from $33/month, with the Latino plan currently on sale for just $25.

Watch the PSG vs Nantes Live Stream on Sling TV

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Sling TV will give you access to the PSG vs Nantes match this afternoon via the beIN Sports channel, where the match is being hosted internationally. In addition to being a great place to catch foreign matches, the Sling TV sports package is great for following your city’s team throughout the US. If there is a local team you enjoy (think Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings, or Chicago Bulls) there is likely a dedicated Sling TV channel for it. Plus, get access to FOX Sports and ESPN when you sign up. While it’s not a free service, if you act now you can get your first month of Sling TV (and watch PSG vs Nantes) for $20. Just make sure to add on any packages necessary to get beIN Sports and you’re good to go.

Watch the PSG vs Nantes Live Stream on YouTube with Live TV

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While you can already catch highlight clips on the Ligue 1 Uber Eats Official YouTube channel, did you know that you can also catch Ligue one matches directly on YouTube TV? YouTube with Live TV has a special Sports Plus plan add-on that adds beIN Sports and beIN Sports Xtra to your service for just $11 additional each month. YouTube’s Sports Plus will also grant you access to FOX Soccer Plus, SportsGrid, and Stadium. If you’ve never taken advantage of it in the past, consider using the PSG vs Nantes match to take advantage of YouTube with Live TV’s free trials, which include free trials of Sports Plus.

Watch the PSG vs Nantes Live Stream From Abroad with a VPN

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Finally caught the “return to normal” travel bug? It’s to be expected, but what’s also to be expected is running into problems with your streaming service while traveling. Access to certain channels is very location dependent and usual changes from country to country, but some channels can even be tied down to certain zip codes. That’s why being able to use a VPN to choose your own “digital location” is so powerful. If this is an issue you’re running into with once reliable services, we recommend NordVPN. It comes recommended as our best VPN due to its 5,200 servers split over 60 countries and 24/7 live chat support.

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