This HP Chromebook is $79 at Walmart, and it’s flying off the shelves

Woman sits at desk using a HP 11.6-inch Chromebook.

The Walmart Black Friday Sale is turning out some impressive early discounts, with one of the best Black Friday Chromebook deals you’re likely to find taking place today. A Chromebook is a great way to get a competent computing device at a great price, and the HP 11.6-inch Chromebook is just $79 at Walmart. That’s a savings of $19 from its regular price of $98, and it isn’t often you can find a computer for under $80. Act quickly, as it’s selling fast, and claim this Black Friday price while inventory lasts.

Why you should buy the HP 11.6-inch Chromebook

A computer is pretty much a necessity these days, and whether you’re a student or a working professional, the HP 11.6-inch Chromebook is a great option for anybody just looking to get going with a computer. HP is one of the best laptop brands on the market, and this Chromebook is made to compete, and even outdo, some of the best budget laptops. It has an AMD processor and 4GB of RAM to keep all of your favorite apps stable and responsive throughout the day. It even has an AMD Radeon R4 graphics card, which comes in handy when accessing various forms of media, whether for educational or entertainment purposes.

The high-definition screen brings things to life, and the simplicity of the Chromebook makes this an easy computer to use and learn with. With Chrome OS, there’s no need for bulky hardware internals, and with easy cloud storage access, there’s you won’t require a lot of hard drive space. This Chromebook is a great if you’re searching the best laptops for high school students or the best laptops for college and want something that brings a little more simplicity and convenience to accessing the digital world. Battery life is great with the HP 11.6-inch Chromebook, and it’s made specifically to survive school days, as it can survive a fall off a desk, a splash from a soda, or a tugged power cord.

Grab this Chromebook at Walmart now for just $79 and beat the Black Friday rush. It’ll save you $19 off its regular price of $98, and free shipping is included with your purchase. Act quickly while inventory lasts.

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