Where to watch every Scream movie

What’s your favorite scary movie? 27 years ago, that question was posed to Casey Becker (Fever Pitch’s Drew Barrymore) by a masked killer named Ghostface in the opening scene of Scream. It – spoiler alert – did not end well for Casey. However, the course of slashers changed with the release of Scream. The film brilliantly satirized horror clichés and featured characters who openly spoke about real horror movies. But at the end of the day, Scream was still a slasher that did not shy away from blood, gore, or violence.

The Scream franchise is now amid a resurgence thanks to Scream, the fifth film in the series. The 2022 film helped relaunch the franchise and introduced Ghostface to a new generation of horror fans. Scream grossed over $140 million worldwide, spawning a direct sequel, Scream VI, which hits theaters on March 10.

In honor of Scream VI, find out where to watch all five Scream movies below!

Where to watch all the Scream movies

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The first five Scream movies can all be streamed on one service, Paramount+.

The Scream franchise is available to stream through the Paramount+ app, which can be found in the app store on your phone or tablet or through a connected TV like a Roku or Apple TV. The streaming service can also be found on a computer or laptop at Paramountplus.com. Additionally, Paramount+ can be subscribed to through platforms like The Roku Channel, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Paramount+ offers some of the most popular shows and movies, including Top Gun: Maverick, Tulsa King, Mayor of Kingstown, and Babylon.

When will they stream for subscribers?

The first five Scream movies are now streaming on Paramount+.

How much does it cost?

Scream VI | Official Trailer (2023 Movie)

Paramount+ offers two paid plans to subscribers: Essential and Premium.

The Essential plan costs $5 per month or $50 per year. The Essential plan includes limited commercial interruptions while watching movies and shows. Although it does not feature local live CBS stations, the UEFA Champions League and NFL on CBS can be streamed on separate feeds.

The Premium plan costs $10 per month or $100 per year. The Premium plan is commercial-free and includes local CBS live feeds and the two sporting leagues from the Essential plan. There are some advertisements on live TV feeds.

Are the Scream movies worth watching?

Ghostface stands in a street in Scream VI.

Scream is one of the most influential slashers of all time. The self-aware characters and tongue-in-cheek dialogue were a unique approach to horror. Scream reinvigorated Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street) as a director and launched the careers of Kevin Williamson (Sick), Neve Campbell (The Lincoln Lawyer), and the rest of the young cast.

Craven directed the first four films of the franchise before passing away in 2015. The fifth and sixth films were directed by Tyler Gillett & Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, two-thirds of a filmmaking group called Radio Silence. On Rotten Tomatoes, the Scream franchise holds an average of 70% on the Tomatometer, with an audience score of 62%. On Metacritic, the film has an average Metascore of 61 and a user score of 7.7.

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